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 ==== Unit Plan List Menu ==== ==== Unit Plan List Menu ====
 {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​unit_plan_list_menu.png |Unit Plan List Menu}} {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​unit_plan_list_menu.png |Unit Plan List Menu}}
 +==== Content, Skills, Assessment Tool Bar ====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​content_skills_assessment_tool_bar.png |Content, Skills, Assessment Tool Bar}}
 +==== Text Element Tool Bar ====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​text_element_tool_bar.png |Text Element Tool Bar}}
 +===== Login =====
 +[[http://​​login.asp?​msg=8534|Collaborative Learning Inc. login page]].
 +{{ :​teachers:​collaborative_learning_inc_login_page.png | Collaborative Learning Inc. Login Page}}
 +==== First Login ====
 +You will be given a form that contains a username and password for your initial login. ​ You will then be asked to fill out a general information form.  Collaborative Learning will then send you an e-mail that will confirm your information and allow you to change your username and password. ​ (Check your SPAM folder of your e-mail if you don’t get the e-mail in a few hours.)  ​
 +==== Login Errors ====
 +If you have trouble with the login, try the original username that came on the initial login form.  No matter what you change your username to, you will always be able to login with the original ​ user name.  If you have further difficulty see Steve Schulten or Mike Holman.
 +===== Class Setup =====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​class_setup.png |Home page}}
 +  - From the tool bar select “Setup”. ​   ​
 +  - A dropdown box will appear select “Class”. ​
 +  - Select "Add New Class"​.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​add_new_class.png |Add new class toolbar}}
 +  - Use the drop down box labeled “Add New Class” to select a class.  ​
 +    - If for some reason your class is not in the list see Steve Schulten.
 +  - In the “Section Name” box put the name for the block that you intend to map. i.e. Block 4. Click  “Add Class”.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​add_section.png |Add new class dialog showing add section}}
 +===== Unit Plan List =====
 +  - Click **My Plans** from the Menu Bar. (In the Unit Plan, Daily Plan, Reality Check, or Send To Curriculum Mapper view, click **My Plans** or < **Back to My Plans**).
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​unit_plan_list.png |}}
 +===== Add New Unit =====
 +  - In the Unit Plan List, on the Sub Menu, click Add New Unit.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​unit_plan_list_menu2.png |}}
 +  - In the pop‐up window, enter a Title.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​add_new_unit.png |pop‐up window}}
 +  - Select the Class from the drop‐down list.
 +  - Confirm the Sections to be included in this Unit. Instruction Planner automatically checks all
 +  - sections. Uncheck any section that will not be included in the Unit.
 +  - Select a created Template to be used for the Unit from the drop‐down list. If no template has been created, select Blank. School‐wide templates are created by the Instruction Planner administrator.
 +  - Select the School Calendar from the drop‐down list.
 +  - To set the Start Date and End Date of the Unit, click the Calendar icon under Start Date. In the popup window, click on the date the Unit begins and click on the date the Unit ends. If an incorrect Start or End Date is selected, click on **Reset**; click on the correct date.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​teachers_to_share_unit_with.png |}}
 +  - If the teacher plans to **Share the Unit** with other teachers, click on **Select Teacher**, select the School, Course and mark the **checkbox** to the left of a teacher’s name.  Click **Add Teachers**
 +  - Click **Submit Dates**.
 +  - Click **Add Unit**.
 +Note: You must establish a class before adding a Unit. See section on **Setup** for specific instructions.
 +===== Blocked Dates =====
 +  - If a day in the range of dates has been blocked, a message will appear. If the blocked date is NOT to be included in the Unit, click in the checkbox. To include the day in the Unit, leave it unchecked.
 +  - Click **Use The Selected Date(s)**.
 +  - If the Unit is to be shared with other teachers, select the names of the other teachers.
 +===== View Timeline =====
 +  - In the **Sub Menu**, click **View Timeline**.
 +  - Click **Close** to return to the **Unit Plan List**.
 +  - To display a timeline for a particular Class, select the class from the All Classes drop‐down list then click **View Timeline**.
 +====== Content, Skills Assessment ======
 +===== Add New Block =====
 +  - Choose a Title for the block if desired.
 +  - Click in the **Content** column to begin entering statements.
 +  - Hit the **Enter** key for the next letter in the outline (A, B, C, etc.).
 +  - Hit the **Tab** key for the next level in the outline (1, 2, 3, etc.).
 +  - Hit the **Shift** and **Tab** keys to return to the previous level in the outline.
 +  - Text entered in the **Content** column automatically populates the **Skills** column to maintain
 +  - consistency and ensure column alignment.
 +  - Click in the **Skills** column to begin entering statements.
 +  - Click the disk icon to save the information.
 +**Note**: In Example A, the Content column has one outline level (A., B., C.). In the Skills column, the skills are in the second outline level (1., 2., 3.) In Example B, there are two outline levels in the Content column (A., 1., 2., 3.) which translates to skills occupying the third level in the Skills
 +column (a., b., c.). The structure is set after the first Content statement is entered and cannot be changed within the Block (i.e., skills should be at the second or third outline level but not both).
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​block_examples_a_and_b.png |}}
 +===== Adding an Assessment =====
 +  - Click Edit Block.
 +  - Click Add Assessment.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​edit_block.png |}}
 +  - Provide a Description and Notes if desired (these are Options).
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​edit_assessment.png |}}
 +  - If the Instruction Planner administrator has entered Assessment Types, click on those that reflect the type of assessment.
 +===== Associating an Assessment with Content or Skills =====
 +  - While in the Assessment window, click **Content & Skills**.
 +  - In the window, click on the content or skills associated with the Assessment.
 +  - Click **Save Assessment.**
 +===== Adding Documents to Assessments =====
 +  - While in the Assessment window, click **Documents**.
 +  - Select the Library from the pull‐down list.
 +  - Click in the box next to the file or files to be attached.
 +  - Click **Save Assessment**.
 +  - 
 +===== Attaching Standards to Assessments =====
 +  - While in the Assessment window, click **Standards**.
 +  - Click in the checkboxes next to the Standards to be attached.
 +  - Click **Save Assessment**.
 +===== Remove Attached Standards =====
 +  - In the Assessment column, click on the Assessment with the attached Standards.
 +  - Click on **Standards** (any Standard attached will be checked).
 +  - Uncheck Standards to be removed (un‐checking all Standards will remove the Standards as well as the icon.
 +  - Click **Save Assessment**.
 +====== Standards ======
 +===== Add Standards =====
 +  - In the Standards section of either Unit Plan or Daily Plan, click the **Select Standards** icon.
 +  - Select the Standards Set, Subject, and Level from the drop‐down menu.
 +  - Click in the box(es) to the left of the desired standard(s).
 +  - Click **Add Standards** to add selected standard(s) to the Unit.
 +  - Repeat the previous steps to add standards from another Set, Subject, and/or Level.
 +**Note**: It is possible to Search the Standards, if so desired. If the Unit involves “main ideas,” that term can be entered in the Search box. Instruction Planner will display all standards with that term.  Typing in the beginning letters of a word will display all variations of a term (e.g., classif will display: classify, classification,​ classified, classifying,​ etc.)
 +===== Search Standards =====
 +  - To search for a specific term within the Standards, type search word in box to the right of **Search**.
 +  - Click in the box (es) to the left of the desired standard(s).
 +  - Click **Add Standards** to add selected standard(s) to the Unit.
 +  - Repeat steps 1‐5 to add standards from another Set, Subject, and/or Level.
 +  - Edit or remove selected Standards by clicking in the box to the left of the appropriate standard to remove the check.
 +  - As appropriate,​ click **Cancel** or **Add Standards** at the bottom of the page.
 +  - The Standards Block can be collapsed by clicking **Hide** and expanded by clicking **Show**.
 +**Note**: Typing “classif” will return all words beginning with those letters (classification,​ classifying,​ classify).
 +===== Attach Standards =====
 +  - Place the cursor on the line where Standards are to be attached.
 +  - Click the **Select Standards** Icon.
 +  - Only previously added Standards will be displayed.
 +  - Click the box to the left of a Standard to select that Standard (multiple standards can be checked)
 +  - Choose **Introduced**,​ **Developed**,​ or **Reinforced** from the pull down list if desired.
 +  - Click **Attach Standards**.
 +  - To hide the standards list, click the **Select Standards Icon**.
 +===== Edit Standards =====
 +  - Place the cursor at the end of the line above the Standards icon,
 +  - Click the **Select Standard** icon to show the checked standard(s).
 +  - To remove an attached Standard, uncheck the box next to the Standard.
 +  - To add a Standard, place a check in the box next to the Standard.
 +  - Click **Attach Standards**.
 +  - To hide the standards list, click **Select Standards** icon.
 +===== Remove All Attached Standards and Delete the Standards icon =====
 +  - Place the cursor at the end of the line above the Standards icon.
 +  - Click the **Select Standard** Icon to show the checked standard(s).
 +  - Uncheck all boxes next to the Standards.
 +  - Click **Attach Standards**.
 +====== Daily Plan ======
 +**Note**: The date highlighted in the calendar is the active day for the Unit. Make sure the correct date is highlighted before making changes to the Daily Plan
 +===== Edit Elements =====
 +  - To add information to an Element, click **Edit**.
 +  - A green border will appear around the Element.
 +  - When finished editing an Element, click the disk icon to Save, the disk icon with the orange X to Save and Close, or the orange X to Exit without saving. If changes are made in an Element and the orange X is clicked, a warning will be displayed.
 +  - To hide an Element Box, click **Hide**.
 +**Note**: Only //one// Element can be edited at a time. It is necessary to close one Element to edit another.
 +===== Hyperlinks =====
 +A Hyperlink may be added to a Text Element by clicking the **Hyperlink Manager** icon.
 +  - Next to URL, type or paste the address of the website.
 +  - In **Link Text** box, enter a name associated with the link. In the example shown, Collaborative Learning will be what is seen in the Element.
 +  - Click **OK**.
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​hyperlink_manager.png |}}
 +===== Daily Plan Required Elements =====
 +Teachers are required to complete the content, skills and assessment section of the daily plan.  All of the content, skills and assessments from the unit plan will import over from the unit plan.  Check the boxes for the content, skills and assessment that you covered that day.  (Make sure that you select the correct date on the calendar. ​ Once a week you will have to send the information to Curriculum Mapper by clicking on the “Send to Curriculum Mapper” button.
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​content_skills_assessment_blocks.png |}}
 +===== Reality Check =====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​reality_check.png |}}
 +  - Click **Reality Check** at top of Unit Plan or Daily Plan page.
 +  - Items in the Content, Skills, and Assessment columns that have been checked in the in Daily Plan(s) will have checkboxes selected.
 +===== Send to Curriculum Mapper =====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​send_to_curriculum_mapper.png |}}
 +1. Click **Send To Curriculum Mapper**.
 +2. Click **Preview Map** to view curriculum map before sending to Curriculum Mapper.
 +3. Click **Send to Curriculum Mapper** to create a map in Curriculum Mapper. Only items checked in the Daily Plans in the Content, Skills, and Assessment columns will be sent to Curriculum Mapper.
 +===== Copy a Unit from Previous Years =====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​copy_a_unit.png |}}
 +  - Enter previous year’s unit plan. In upper right hand corner box select **Copy**.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​copy_unit_plan.png |}}
 +  - **Select School Calendar** to the current year.
 +  - In the **New Class box** select the course the unit is being copied to.
 +  - In Copy options select **“Copy only Unit”**. ​
 +  - Select the **start date** and **end date** for the unit. 
 +  - Select the **Consecutive box**.
 +  - Click on **Copy Unit**.
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