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 ==== Unit Plan List Menu ==== ==== Unit Plan List Menu ====
 {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​unit_plan_list_menu.png |Unit Plan List Menu}} {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​unit_plan_list_menu.png |Unit Plan List Menu}}
 +==== Content, Skills, Assessment Tool Bar ====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​content_skills_assessment_tool_bar.png |Content, Skills, Assessment Tool Bar}}
 +==== Text Element Tool Bar ====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​text_element_tool_bar.png |Text Element Tool Bar}}
 +===== Login =====
 +[[http://​​login.asp?​msg=8534|Collaborative Learning Inc. login page]].
 +{{ :​teachers:​collaborative_learning_inc_login_page.png | Collaborative Learning Inc. Login Page}}
 +==== First Login ====
 +You will be given a form that contains a username and password for your initial login. ​ You will then be asked to fill out a general information form.  Collaborative Learning will then send you an e-mail that will confirm your information and allow you to change your username and password. ​ (Check your SPAM folder of your e-mail if you don’t get the e-mail in a few hours.)  ​
 +==== Login Errors ====
 +If you have trouble with the login, try the original username that came on the initial login form.  No matter what you change your username to, you will always be able to login with the original ​ user name.  If you have further difficulty see Steve Schulten or Mike Holman.
 +===== Class Setup =====
 +{{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​class_setup.png |Home page}}
 +  - From the tool bar select “Setup”. ​   ​
 +  - A dropdown box will appear select “Class”. ​
 +  - Select "Add New Class"​.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​add_new_class.png |Add new class toolbar}}
 +  - Use the drop down box labeled “Add New Class” to select a class.  ​
 +    - If for some reason your class is not in the list see Steve Schulten.
 +  - In the “Section Name” box put the name for the block that you intend to map. i.e. Block 4. Click  “Add Class”.
 +    - {{ :​teachers:​instructional_planner:​add_section.png |Add new class dialog showing add section}}
 +===== Unit Plan List =====
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