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-====== PowerTeacher Gradebook ====== 
-The PowerTeacher Gradebook (PTG) is a Java application for entering student grades, printing rosters, and much more! 
-===== Installing the Gradebook ===== 
-  - While logged-in to PowerTeacher, click the downward expand button on the left under //PTG 2.8//. 
-  - Click **Installer**. 
-  - On the installer page, click "Download Installer". 
-  - Save the file and run it. 
-  - Going through the installer: 
-    - Click Install. 
-    - When installation is complete, click Next. 
-    - Click Finish. 
-  - Back on the PowerTeacher page, click Launch. Save the file and open it. 
-  - You may be asked to terminate other sessions. Click Terminate other sessions. 
-  - Your gradebook launcher is now installed. A shortcut will be placed on your desktop. 
-==== Gradebook Installation Video  ==== 
-{{ :teachers:gradebook_install.webm?1280x600 |}} 
-====== Making Gradebook Text Larger ====== 
-PowerTeacher Gradebook provides a zoom feature, which provides you with the flexibility to zoom in to see more detail of a window or zoom out to see more of the window at a reduced size. The zoom feature is available when using the Students, Assignment, Grades Setup, and Scoresheet windows. After a zoom level is selected, that zoom level becomes the default setting and applies to all four windows until you select a new zoom level. 
-===== How to Use the Zoom Feature ===== 
-From the Gradebook menu bar, do one of the following: 
-  * Choose View > Zoom > Increase to zoom in. Increments are based on the preset zoom levels. 
-  * Choose View > Zoom > Decrease to zoom out. Increments are based on the preset zoom levels. 
-  * Choose View > Zoom and a zoom level.