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PowerTeacher Gradebook

The PowerTeacher Gradebook (PTG) is a Java application for entering student grades, printing rosters, and much more!

Installing the Gradebook

  1. While logged-in to PowerTeacher, click the downward expand button on the left under PTG 2.8.
  2. Click Installer.
  3. On the installer page, click “Download Installer”.
  4. Save the file and run it.
  5. Going through the installer:
    1. Click Install.
    2. When installation is complete, click Next.
    3. Click Finish.
  6. Back on the PowerTeacher page, click Launch. Save the file and open it.
  7. You may be asked to terminate other sessions. Click Terminate other sessions.
  8. Your gradebook launcher is now installed. A shortcut will be placed on your desktop.

Gradebook Installation Video

Making Gradebook Text Larger

PowerTeacher Gradebook provides a zoom feature, which provides you with the flexibility to zoom in to see more detail of a window or zoom out to see more of the window at a reduced size. The zoom feature is available when using the Students, Assignment, Grades Setup, and Scoresheet windows. After a zoom level is selected, that zoom level becomes the default setting and applies to all four windows until you select a new zoom level.

How to Use the Zoom Feature

From the Gradebook menu bar, do one of the following:

  • Choose View > Zoom > Increase to zoom in. Increments are based on the preset zoom levels.
  • Choose View > Zoom > Decrease to zoom out. Increments are based on the preset zoom levels.
  • Choose View > Zoom and a zoom level.
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