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 ====== Export a Roster from PowerSchool ====== ====== Export a Roster from PowerSchool ======
-===== PowerTeacher Gradebook =====+===== PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook =====
-  - Open the PowerTeacher Gradebook (PTG).+  - Open the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.
   - Select the class you want to export a roster for.   - Select the class you want to export a roster for.
-  - Click the **Reports** button+  - Click the **Reports** button, then the **Student Roster** report. 
-  - Double-click the **Student Roster** report. +  - Under Display > Student Columns, you might want to add the //Student Number// column
-  - In the bottom pane: +  If you want to list student contactsadd Contact Columns. 
-    - Set the //Output Type// to **Export (CSV)**+  - On the Format tab at the top, you can change the out from PDF to Excel
-    Under //Student Info//select the fields you need. For example: //Student Name//, //Student Number//+  Once the report is set up, click **Run Report**, then **View Reports**. 
-    Click **Run Report**. +  If your report takes a while to run, you might have to hit the Refresh button in the top right
-    In the //Report Complete// window, you can save or open the report as needed+  - Once it's done (status field shows a ✔) you can click the report name on the left to download it.
- +
-{{ :teachers:export_roster_from_powerschool.webm?908 | Video guide on demonstrating how to export a PowerSchool Roster}}+
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