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   * [[:backing_up_browser_data#set_up_firefox_sync|Set up Firefox Sync]]   * [[:backing_up_browser_data#set_up_firefox_sync|Set up Firefox Sync]]
   * [[:backing_up_browser_data#sign_in_to_chrome|Sign in to Chrome]]   * [[:backing_up_browser_data#sign_in_to_chrome|Sign in to Chrome]]
-  * [[:backing_up_browser_data#sync_internet_explorer_settings|Sync Internet Explorer Settings]] 
-If you prefer to avoid sync, you can export bookmarks manually for [[:backing_up_browser_data#backing_up_internet_explorer_favorites|Internet Explorer]], [[:backing_up_browser_data#exporting_chrome_bookmarks|Chrome]], or [[:backing_up_browser_data#exporting_firefox_bookmarks|Firefox]].+ 
 +If you prefer to avoid sync, you can export bookmarks manually for  
 +[[:backing_up_browser_data#exporting_chrome_bookmarks|Chrome]], or [[:backing_up_browser_data#exporting_firefox_bookmarks|Firefox]]. 
 +===== Back up Application Data ===== 
 +Many applications (such as ExamView) store data on the C:\ drive. In the case of ExamView, this may be under C:\ExamView or C:\Program Files (x86)\ExamView. Prior to turning in your computer, you want to make sure you copy this application data to another location (such as your Document folder or a flash drive). If you need any guidance with your particular software, the Help Desk can assist. 
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