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Backing up Data

Data backup for teachers and staff is somewhat different from students. Employee data is synchronized to the network. Before turning in your computer you should verify that your files have synchronized correctly. It is also prudent to regularly verify that your files are synchronized without conflicts.

Synchronizing Your Files

Remember: only your Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Music folders are synchronized to the network. Your Desktop and Downloads folders are not. If you need anything from them, be sure to copy it to your Documents folder prior to forcing a sync. Resolving sync conflicts will ensure that the latest versions of your files are uploaded to La Salle’s network storage. When you receive a new computer or your machine is re-imaged, your files will return.

  1. Go to the Start Screen and search for Sync Center. Open the Sync Center.
  2. Click the Sync All button. Wait for the sync to complete.
    • Sync is complete when the Status shows Last sync on (today’s date) or Sync complete.
  3. In the left pane, click View sync conflicts. If there are no conflicts listed, you are done! If you have conflicts, continue on.
  4. Click on one of the conflicts and press CTRL + A on your keyboard to select all of the conflicts. Click Resolve.
  5. Eventually, you will be prompted to determine how to handle the conflicts. You almost always want to select the top option (keep whatever action happened on your computer).
  6. Check the checkbox at the bottom to apply that action for all conflicts, then select the top option.
  7. Wait while the conflicts are resolved. You may be prompted again to handle different conflict types. Continue following advice from the previous step.
  8. When all of the conflicts are resolved or you have not been prompted for a long time (five minutes), click on View sync partnerships in the left pane.
  9. Click the Sync All button. Wait for the sync to complete.
  10. If there are conflicts, work to resolve them again. If you go to the View sync conflicts screen and see no conflicts, you are done!
    • If the View sync partnerships screen show conflicts, but the View sync conflicts screen does not, don’t worry about it.

Back up Bookmarks and Browser Data

Depending on what browser(s) you use, you have several options:

If you prefer to avoid sync, you can export bookmarks manually for Chrome, or Firefox.

Back up Application Data

Many applications (such as ExamView) store data on the C:\ drive. In the case of ExamView, this may be under C:\ExamView or C:\Program Files (x86)\ExamView. Prior to turning in your computer, you want to make sure you copy this application data to another location (such as your Document folder or a flash drive). If you need any guidance with your particular software, the Help Desk can assist.

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