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 +====== Replace the Battery in the ThinkPad Yoga ======
 +In addition to the instructions below, you can [[https://​​7LdicgbW4ww|view a video guide]].
 +  - Unscrew the 10 screws on the bottom of the case.
 +  - Pull the bottom plate off of the laptop using the joints near the hinges.
 +  - Near the front lip, there are snaps holding it down. Gently pull from one of the edges to disengage them.
 +  - Remove the battery by raising one side and detaching it from the system.
 +  - Attach the new battery to the motherboard and snap it into place.
 +  - Reattach the bottom cover. Apply pressure around the edges to snap it into place.
 +  - Replace the screws in the bottom plate.
 +  - Make sure the edges of the plate are snapped in.
 +  - Complete!
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