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 ====== Google Drive ====== ====== Google Drive ======
-Google Drive is Google'​s cloud document service. The Google Drive Sync application allows you to store a copy of your Google Drive on your computer ​which is kept in sync with the files in your Google Drive online. Any files or folders you put in your Google Drive folder are available anywhere you can access your Google Account.+Google Drive is Google'​s cloud document ​& storage ​service. The Backup and Sync application allows you to store a copy of your Google Drive on your computer ​and synchronize ​your PC'​s ​files to Google Drive.
-====== ​Automatically Backing ​Up Your Documents ​with Google Drive ====== +====== ​Back Up Your Files with the Backup and Sync Application ​======
-**Faculty and staff should not do this.** +
-In this guide you will redirect your data folders to your Google Drive. Doing so will keep your data automatically synchronized with Google Drive so that if you ever lose your laptop you always have the most recent versions of your files available. In order to restore your files, simply follow these steps again and merge the folders when asked. ​+
-Note that these steps can also be followed for [[https://​​21Mxm3Y|Dropbox]] as well.+To back up the files on your current computer, sign in to the Backup and Sync from Google applicationOptionally, you can select extra folders to back up too.
-  - Close out all programs that might be accessing ​your Documents folders. Ideallytry to have only your web browser (viewing this page) open+  - From your start menu, open the **Backup ​and Sync from Google** application
-  - Open the Start Menu and search for "Google ​Drive"+  - Click **Get Started** at the welcome page
-  - Open Google Drive from the Start Menu+  - Sign in with your school ​email account
-  - Sign-in with your ​email address and network password+  - At the //Choose Folders// page, click **Got It**
-  - At the welcome screen, click "​Next",​ then "Start sync"+  - At the //My PC// pageclick **Next**
-  - When you are shown your Google Drivecreate a folder named "​Tablet Data" which you will save your data to+  - At the //Sync Files from My Drive// screen, click **Got It**
-  - Move the Google ​Drive window to the right side of your screen. +  - Click **Start**Backup ​and Sync will start uploading ​your files to Google DriveYou can click the Backup ​and Sync icon in the tray to check the progress. 
-  - Open another copy of explorer by pressing Windows Key + E. +    - If you are running backup prior to turning ​in your computer you need to make sure the sync is complete. The first backup can take a long time.
-  - In the address bar, type ''​%userprofile%'' ​and press ENTER. +
-  - Once you are viewing ​your personal folder, move that window ​to the left side of your screen. +
-  - Hold down the CTRL key and select ​the following folders by clicking on them: +
-    ​* Desktop +
-    * My Documents +
-    * My Music +
-    * My Pictures +
-    * My Videos +
-  ​Click and drag the folders over into the "​Tablet Data" folder. Hold down SHIFT before ​you release the mouse to ensure the folders are moved and not copied. +
-  - You should see Google Drive sync icons appear on top of the folders ​in your personal folder on the left side of the screen. +
-  - Your documents are now being backed up automatically on Google Drive!+
-===== Google Drive Document Redirection Video Guide ===== +{{ :​video_guides:​google_backup_and_sync_setup.mp4?1920 | Google ​Backup and Sync setup video guide.}}
-{{:​video_guides:​google_drive_document_redirection_tutorial.webm?1280|Google ​Drive Document Redirection Tutorial}}+
 +====== Restore Your Files with the Backup and Sync Application ======
 +To restore your files from another computer, set up the Backup and Sync application. Once set up, sign into Google Drive on the web and copy the files from the old PC to the new PC.
 +  - Set up your computer with the Backup and Sync application following the instructions above. Go to [[https://​​a/​|]] and sign in with your school email account.
 +  - In the left pane, click **Computers**.
 +  - You will see a listing of computers you've backed up. You need to figure out which is your current PC and which is your old PC.
 +    - Usually, you want //My PC// and //My PC (1)//, or //My PC (1)// and //My PC (2)//.
 +    - You can also single-click a PC and click the ⓘ icon to see the dates and times files were last uploaded.
 +  - Expand the //​Computers//​ pane on the left side of the window by hitting the triangle next to it.
 +  - For each of your folders on your old PC (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc.):
 +    - Go into the folder.
 +    - Use the triangle icons to expand the corresponding folder on your new PC.
 +    - Select all of the items in the folder by hitting CTRL + A. Wait for all of them to be highlighted.
 +    - Hold the CTRL key, then click and drag the files into the folder for the new PC in the left pane.
 +  - Once you are done copying the files, they will start downloading to your new computer. You can check the progress by left-clicking your Backup and Sync icon in the system tray.
 +{{ :​video_guides:​google_backup_and_sync_restore.webm?​1920 | Google Backup and Sync restore video guide. }}
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