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Google Drive

Google Drive is Google's cloud document & storage service. The Backup and Sync application allows you to store a copy of your Google Drive on your computer and synchronize your PC's files to Google Drive.

Back Up Your Files with the Google Drive Application

To back up the files on your current computer, sign in to the Backup and Sync from Google application. Optionally, you can select extra folders to back up too.

  1. From your start menu, open the Google Drive application.
  2. Click Sign in with browser. You will be directed to login to your Google account via your web browser. Log in.
  3. At the “Make sure that you downloaded this app from Google” page, choose Sign in.
  4. At the success screen, you can close the browser.
  5. Click the Open Preferences prompt that appears near the bottom right of the screen.
    1. If you miss it, you can click the triangle in the bottom-right of the screen, click the Drive icon (colored triangle), then choose the gear in the top-right. From there click preferences.
  6. At the “Get started with Drive for Desktop” screen, click No thanks.
  7. At the Safely back up your files screen, choose “Add folder”.
    1. From the left pane, click Documents, and then Select Folder.
    2. Click Done.
    3. Repeat these steps for the folders: Pictures, Music, Videos.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Your folders will now be backed up to Google Drive. You can close the Google Drive Preferences window.

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