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 ====== Tasks for Users ====== ====== Tasks for Users ======
 ===== Schedule an Event ===== ===== Schedule an Event =====
-To reserve a room in Google Calendar, you need to email [[|Diane Eichhold]].+To reserve a room in Google Calendar, you only need to add the room to the event in Google Calendar when you create it.  
 +  - Start at your Google Calendar. 
 +  - Click **CREATE**. 
 +  - Give your event a descriptive title. 
 +  - Select the time of the event using the fields below the title. 
 +  - On the right side of the page, add the email addresses of your guests. 
 +  - On the right side, click on **Rooms, etc.**. 
 +  - Find the room(s) you would like to use in the event and click **Add**. You can add multiple rooms if you need them. 
 +    - If the room you would like does not appear, it may not be available for the time slot you have selected. You have two options, you can attempt to schedule the event anyways and hope the event reviewer gives your event priority, or you can reschedule your event. 
 +      - To schedule your event anyways: 
 +        - Uncheck **Show only available** at the top of the location list. 
 +        - Find your room and click **Add**. 
 +      - To reschedule your event: 
 +        - Uncheck **Show only available** at the top of the location list. 
 +        - Find your room and click **Add**. 
 +        - Click the **Find a time** tab. You will be able to see what time(s) the location you've added is booked. 
 +        - Drag the highlighted box to a time slot that the room is available and is acceptable for you and your guests. 
 +    - Once you have the location selected, on the event details tab fill out the event description. Please be detailed enough so that your guests and the person reviewing the event(s) knows how the room will be used. 
 +    - Optionally add an attachment to the event and set reminders. 
 +    - Click **SAVE** to save the event and attempt to reserve the location. 
 +    - When the event reviewer accepts or declines your event, you will receive an email stating so. 
 +      - Do not consider your event to be scheduled in that location until you have received an email indicating the event has been accepted. The email will show as from the location (such as //​Blackbox//,​ or //Back Field//. 
 +      - If your event was declined, the event reviewer should reply with an email indicating why the event was declined. 
 +===== Modify an Event ===== 
 +You can change events tied to room reservations as you normally would, but be aware that until your changes are approved you cannot assume the room will be available. 
 +  - Start viewing your calendars. 
 +  - Find the event you wish to modify. 
 +  - Click the event'​s name. 
 +  - While viewing the event, make your changes (such as times, guest list, or room) and click **SAVE**.  
 +    - You can change the room your event is in by clicking **Rooms, etc.** on the right side. If you uncheck the **Show only available** option, you'll see an option to remove the room you've already booked. 
 +===== Email Event Guests ===== 
 +Should the need arise, you can easily email all of the guests invited to an event. You can even email guests based on their response to your event invitation. 
 +  - Start viewing your calendars. 
 +  - Find the event you wish to email the guests of. 
 +  - Click the event'​s name. 
 +  - On the right side of the page above the guest list, click **Email Guests**. 
 +  - Next to **To:** check the boxes applying to the guests you wish to email. 
 +    - You have the option to email guests based on how they responded to the event invitation. 
 +  - Type your subject and message, when you are done, click **Send**.
 ===== View All Events ===== ===== View All Events =====
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