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 ====== Remote Access VPN ====== ====== Remote Access VPN ======
-Using the remote access VPN will allow you to securely access La Salle High School intranet resources (such as network drives, the business portal, and even printers) from any Internet connection.+The VPN should automatically connect when you're off-site and connected to the Internet. If you're having trouble getting connected, check your wireless connections list. You may see the "La Salle High Schoolconnection stuck in the connecting stateTo fix this, try the following:
-Please note that there is no need to use the VPN while at La Salle and doing so may cause unexpected behavior. +  - Restart the computer. Do not log back in. 
-====== Connecting to the La Salle VPN ====== +  - At the lock screenlook at the network icon in the bottom rightWait for it to connect to your network. 
-You can connect to the VPN from any teacher or staff computer managed by La Salle High SchoolThe connection appears in the network list. If it does not appear, visit the Help Desk. +    Click it and connect to your network if it doesn't connect
-  - Left click the Network Connections icon at the bottom right on your screen in the system tray where you'd normally find wireless networks+  - Wait 30 seconds and check if the "La Salle High School" connection shows it is connected
-  - At the topunder "Dial-up and VPN", click "La Salle High School VPN"+  - Log in to the computer.
-  - Click the "Connect" button under "La Salle High School VPN"+
-  - A progress window will appear while the connection is established +
-  - When the progress window closes, if you go back to the network list "Connected" will appear next to "La Salle High School VPN"+
-  You are now connected to the VPN! +
- +
-===== Disconnecting ===== +
-When you are no longer need access to the La Salle intranet, it is a good idea to disconnect from the VPN, as your home Internet connection is likely faster than the VPN tunnel. +
-  - Left click the Network Connections icon at the bottom right on your screen in the system tray where you'd normally find wireless networks+
-  - At the top, under "Dial-up and VPN", click "La Salle High School VPN". +
-  - Click the "Disconnect" button under "La Salle High School VPN".+
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