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 ===== Video Guide: Epson EasyMP ===== ===== Video Guide: Epson EasyMP =====
 {{:video_guides:easymp_network_projection.webm?1024|Video Guide to using the EasyMP Network Projection software}} {{:video_guides:easymp_network_projection.webm?1024|Video Guide to using the EasyMP Network Projection software}}
 +====== Troubleshooting ======
 +===== Wrong Connection Mode =====
 +If you select Quick Connection Mode the first time you launch EasyMP and set that as default, you won't be able to connect to our projectors. To connect you will need to reset the application settings and then choose Advanced Connection Mode when prompted.
 +  - Open EasyMP.
 +  - Click **Set options**.
 +  - Click **Restore Defaults**.
 +  - Click **OK**.
 +  - Exit EasyMP.
 +  - Open EasyMP.
 +  - Select **Advanced Connection Mode** and tick the box, //Set the selected Connection Mode as the default mode//.
 +  - Click OK.
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