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Import Moodle Courses

From year to year, you may find it convenient to import previous year(s) course material into your new Moodle course(s).

  1. In your My Courses list, find the course you want to import from and go to the course page.
  2. Once you've found the course you want, look at the course's path in the top bar.
    • Example: Academics 14-15 > Business and Computer Science > Technology Applications II(ACP)Heid.
  3. Select and copy the course's name from the bar, from the example above we would copy Technology Applications II(ACP)Heid.
    • The text may be a little hard to select. You want to click right on the left edge or just outside of the left edge to begin selecting the text.
  4. Go to your new course you wish to import content into.
  5. Hit the gear on the top right to open the course administration panel. Within that panel, click the Import link.
  6. At the Find a course to import from page, paste the text you copied earlier into the search box. Click search.
    • Make sure you do not have any spaces at the start or end of the copied text. If you do, you won't find your old course.
  7. Select your course from the search results, then click Continue.
  8. Choose which settings to import from the old course. Uncheck Include Groups and Groupings.
  9. Click Next.
  10. At the next screen, uncheck “Include groups and groupings”. If there are any other items you do not want to import, you can uncheck them. After reviewing them click Next.
  11. At the final screen, review the items to be imported. If everything is good, click Perform Import.
  12. Wait while the import completes. This may take a while. When done, click Continue.

Adding Topics

You probably want to have 52 topics in your course to account for calamity days. If you import a course that has more than the default number of topics (10) you will have orphan topics in your Moodle course.

  1. Scroll down to the Course Administration panel on the left. Within that panel, click the Edit Settings link.
  2. Scroll down to Course Format and click it to expand it.
  3. Change the Number of Sections options to 52. Once you're done, click Save and Display.

Video Guide

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