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 +====== Converting VHS Tapes to DVD ======
 +VHS is going the way of the dodo. If you have any VHS tapes you do not want to lose, you should consider (minimally) converting them to DVD and ideally you should convert them to a digital format (such as MP4) using [[:handbrake|Handbrake]].
 +If you have one of the JVC DVD & VHS players in your classroom, you can use this device to record VHS cassettes directly to DVD. Note that you will not be able to copy copy-protected VHS tapes with this method. Follow these steps:
 +  - Insert a blank DVD and the VHS cassette you would like to copy. If you need a blank DVD for this purpose the Help Desk can provide you with one.
 +    - If you are prompted to initialize the disc, do so.
 +  - Find the place on the VHS tape from which you wish to start copying.
 +  - Access the Dubbing menu by pressing the **Dubbing** button on the remote near the bottom left.
 +  - If you are recording a long video from something other than a standard play VHS (such as an LP or EP VHS), change the **Rec. Mode** with the right/left buttons.
 +  - Select **Dubbing** on the screen.
 +  - Start dubbing by pressing the **Enter** button.
 +  - Wait while the VHS is played and copied to the DVD. When you want to stop dubbing, press **Stop** on the remote.
 +  - Now you need to finalize the disc.
 +  - Press **HOME** on the remote, the Home menu appears.
 +  - Select **Setup** > **Start** and press **Enter**.
 +  - Use the up and down buttons to select the **Disc** option and press the right arrow button.
 +  - Select the **Finalize** option on the setup menu and press the right arrow button.
 +  - Press **Enter** while Finalize is selected. The Finalize menu appears.
 +  - Select **OK** and press **Enter**. Wait while the recorder finalizes the disc. This will usually take about five minutes.
 +Your DVD can now be played in your DVD player or on your computer. You can also create a digital copy of it and store it on your computer. See [[:handbrake:#rip_a_dvd_with_handbrake|Rip a DVD with Handbrake]].
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