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 ====== PowerSchool ====== ====== PowerSchool ======
-PowerSchool is an SIS at La Salle High School. Students use PowerSchool primarily to:+[[https://​|PowerSchool]] is the student information system (SIS) used at La Salle High School. ​Parents can [[parents:​powerschool|link their student(s) to a PowerSchool account]] and view assignments,​ grades, etc.  
 +Students use PowerSchool primarily to:
   * View their assignments.   * View their assignments.
   * View their grades.   * View their grades.
-  * Schedule their classes. 
   * View their schedules.   * View their schedules.
-PowerSchool is accessible at [[https://​|]]. 
 ====== Using PowerSchool ====== ====== Using PowerSchool ======
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   - Go to [[https://​|]].   - Go to [[https://​|]].
-  - Login with your student ID number (example: 080290) and password.  +  - Login with your student ID number (example: 080290) and the same password you use to sign in on your computer.
-    - If this is your first time logging in, you may have a password assigned ​to you. +
- +
-===== Start Page ===== +
-The first page you see after logging ​in displays ​your class schedule for the current year. Under the Exp column, you see what block the class is in. 1(A) means that class is A-1. Duplicate entries are for classes in other semesters. +
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