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Student Locker Guide

The first digit of your four-digit locker number is the floor it is on. If your locker number is 2031, that means it is on the second floor. Locker 3012 is on the third floor.

Opening Your Locker

  1. Spin the dial completely around clockwise at least twice. Continue clockwise to the first number.
  2. Rotate the dial counter-clockwise. Pass the second number once, then stop on the second number.
  3. Turn the dial clockwise until it stops, a bit past the third number.
  4. Lift the latch and your locker will open.

In the video below, the locker's combination is 17-27-37. Note how the locker doesn't unlock until you turn it far past 37.

Locking Your Locker

  1. Close the locker.
  2. Spin the dial counter-clockwise.
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