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Student Course Registration

Students entering grades 10-12 may register their course requests directly in PowerSchool. You should also receive a course scheduling worksheet from your counselor. Complete this sheet before registering your courses in PowerSchool.

  1. Start logged-in to PowerSchool. Click Class Registration in the left pane.
  2. Review your course requirements in the course selection screen.
  3. For each area, read the description and requirements, then click the pencil on the right. Find the course you want to take, which you meet any prerequisites for. Select the course(s) and click Okay.
    1. If you feel you meet a prereq but PowerSchool won't allow you to register it, contact your counselor.
    2. Semester courses must be paired with the appropriate companion semester course. These requirements are noted in the Prerequisite Note field as “Must be paired with”.
  4. In the Alternates request section, make sure you choose the correct number of course alternates. You want to select three sets of courses that add up to a year-long course.
    1. As an example, you might choose:
      1. Computer Aided Drawing (0.5 credit)
      2. AutoCAD (0.5 credit)
      3. Human Geography (1 credit)
      4. Web Design I (0.5 credit)
      5. Web Design II (0.5 credit)
    2. In this example there are five total courses, but the credits add up to three and the semester courses are properly paired.
  5. When you have properly registered all of your courses you should have green checkmarks all the way down the right side of the page. Once your selections are correct you can click Okay/Submit at the bottom of the page to register your courses.

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