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Borrow a License in Revit

When you are away from school you may have trouble launching Revit because it cannot reach our license server. You can work around this by borrowing a license while on-campus. This will give you a period of time where your software doesn't need to check-in in order to launch. If you have trouble borrowing a license from home, check your VPN connection.

  1. Launch Revit.
  2. Click between the help menu question mark and the minimize button.
  3. Click About Autodesk Revit.
  4. Click the Manage License button.
  5. In the License Manager window, click the Borrow button.
  6. In the Borrow a License window, choose a date up to 90 days in the future. This is when your borrowed license will expire.
  7. Click Borrow License.
  8. A window will appear confirming you've borrowed the license. You can close the licensing and about windows, then continue using Revit.

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