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-====== Restoring the Factory Image on your ThinkPad Yoga 260 ======+======  Restoring the Factory Image on Your La Salle High School Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 ======  
 +Back up your data before proceeding. Restoring the factory image will remove all restrictions, software, and data on your computer. The process requires two general steps, in this order: 
 +  - Restore the BIOS to factory defaults. 
 +  - Restore the operating system. 
 +===== What You Will Need ===== 
 +  - Your recovery media issued by La Salle High School. 
 +  - Your laptop and charger. 
 +  - About 30 minutes. 
 +====== Restore the BIOS to Factory Defaults ====== 
 +  - Start with the computer powered on and plugged-in to your charger. Restart the computer by clicking **Restart** in the Start menu. 
 +    * If you are at a Bitlocker screen, hold the power button until it turns off. Turn it back on. 
 +  - As the computer turns on, repeatedly tap the //F1// key near the top left of the keyboard until you see the //Entering Setup// message. 
 +  - At the lock prompt, type the password **ln16seldom** and press //ENTER//
 +    * The password is all lowercase. The first character is a lowercase L. 
 +  - Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate to the **Restart** screen. 
 +  - Highlight **Load Setup Defaults** and press //ENTER//
 +  - Press //ENTER// again. 
 +  - Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate to the **Security** screen. 
 +  - Highlight **Password** and press //ENTER//
 +  - Highlight **Supervisor Password** and press //ENTER//
 +  - Enter the current password, **ln16seldom** and press //ENTER//
 +  - Enter a new password or leave it blank. Press //ENTER//
 +    * If you set a password and forget it, there is no way to reset it. 
 +  - Repeat the new password or leave it blank. Press //ENTER//
 +  - Press //ENTER// to continue. 
 +  - Press the //ESC// key at the top left of the keyboard. 
 +  - Highlight **Security Chip** and press //ENTER//
 +  - Highlight **Clear Security Chip** and press //ENTER//
 +  - At the //Clear encryption keys// dialog, press //ENTER//
 +  - Press //ESC//. 
 +  - Press //ESC// again. 
 +  - Highlight **Exit Saving Changes** and press //ENTER//
 +  - Highlight **Yes** and press //ENTER//
 +  - When the system boots into BitLocker recovery, hold the power button down for six seconds to power it off. 
 +====== Restore the Operating System ====== 
 +  - Start with the computer powered off and plugged-in to your charger. 
 +  - Unplug all storage devices (flash drives, SD cards, etc.) from the computer. 
 +  - Insert your recovery media into the USB port on the computer. 
 +  - Turn on the computer and repeatedly tap the //F12// key until you see the //Entering Boot Menu// message. 
 +    * If your computer boots into Windows, restart from the Start Screen to access the boot menu. 
 +  - At the boot menu, use the arrow keys to select the **USB HDD** option and press //ENTER//
 +    * If your arrow keys do not work. Power off the system by holding the power button and start again. 
 +  - At the Clonezilla screen, press ENTER to begin the restoration process. 
 +  - Wait while the machine is restored. This can take up to 10 minutes. 
 +  - When done, you may be prompted to remove the drive and press enter. Store your drive somewhere safe. The computer will turn off. 
 +  - Turn the computer back on. 
 +  - Proceed through the setup screens answering the prompts. When you arrive at the desktop, you’ve successfully restored your computer.
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