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 +====== Screen Capture with OBS Studio ======
 +You can use [[https://​​|OBS Studio]] to create recordings of your entire screen or specific windows. To get started you'll need to do a little bit of setup. The first thing to do is set your recording options. Then you'll set up your canvas with what you want to record.
 +====== Set Recording Options ======
 +When you open OBS Studio for the first time, you will want to set a few recording options for the best results. You'll only need to do this once.
 +  - Hit the Settings button in the right pane of the window.
 +  - Click **Output** in the left pane.
 +  - In the Recording section:
 +    - Set the Recording Quality to **High Quality, Medium File Size**.
 +    - Set the Recording Format to **mp4**.
 +    - Click **Apply**.
 +  - Click **Audio** in the left pane.
 +    - Set the Channels to **Mono**.
 +  - Click **Video** in the left pane.
 +    - Set the Common FPS Values field to 20.
 +    - //​Optional://​ Set the Output (Scaled) Resolution to be the same as the canvas resolution if you don't want the output video to be shrunk down.
 +  - Click **OK** and then exit and restart OBS Studio.
 +====== Capture Full Screen ======
 +To start recording video you need to specify a capture source.
 +  - Under Sources in the main window, click the plus button to add a source.
 +  - Select **Display Capture**.
 +  - In the Create/​Select Source window, click OK.
 +  - //​Optional://​ Select the display for display capture. Otherwise click OK.
 +  - You should now see a preview of your screen in OBS.
 +====== Recording ======
 +Once you've set your recording options and capture source(s), you can hit **Start Recording** to begin. When you're done, click **Stop Recording**. A video will be saved in the Videos folder in your Documents folder. Whenever you exit and reopen OBS, it will use the settings you used last time.
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