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 ===== Change Your Moodle Password ===== ===== Change Your Moodle Password =====
-You can change your Moodle password by visiting ​your Moodle profile. +You can change your Moodle password by changing ​your network ​password.
-  - Log in to [[https://​​|Moodle]]. +
-  - At the top right of the page, click on your name. This will take you to your profile. +
-  - Under the information box, click change password. +
-  - Type in your current password (what you used to log in with). +
-  - Then type in your desired ​password. Make sure it is something you can remember.+
 ===== Change Your PowerSchool Password ===== ===== Change Your PowerSchool Password =====
-Your PowerSchool password ​can be changed from the "​Account Preferences"​ page in PowerSchool. +You can change your Moodle ​password ​by changing your network ​password.
-  - Log into [[https://​|PowerSchool]]. +
-  - In the left hand column under Navigation select Account Preferences. +
-  - In the center of the page it will prompt you to enter you current password +
-  - Below that enter you new password+
-  - Re-enter the new password ​directly below. +
-  - Click save changes.+
 ===== Change Your Network Password ===== ===== Change Your Network Password =====
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