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Troubleshoot Microphone

If your microphone is not picking up sound.

  1. Right-click the volume icon in the tray. Open Sound settings.
  2. Scroll down to the input section. Make sure the input device is what you expect.
    1. If it's not, open the dropdown and select from the list.
  3. You should see the microphone's levels bouncing around. Try clapping. If you don't see any activity try a different device.
  4. Open the Device properties menu.
  5. Make sure the mic is not disabled.
  6. Make sure the volume is at 100%.
  7. Click Home in the top-left of the settings menu. Go to Privacy.
  8. Scroll down in the left page. Click Microphone.
  9. Make sure Allow apps to access your microphone is on.
  10. Scroll down in the main area. Make sure Allow desktop apps to access your microphone is on.


If the above steps do not resolve the microphone problem, use one of these workarounds until you can bring your computer to the Help Desk for repair.

  • Use a Bluetooth headset (such as AirPods).
  • Connect a gaming console headset. Most work without any additional setup.
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