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-====== Export E-Cards from FinalForms ====== 
-If there is a field trip or other off-campus event, the coordinators may need copies of students' emergency contact and medical information to have on hand. Sometimes people refer to these as Emergency Medical Forms. You can export this information in bulk from FinalForms. 
-  - You will need the list of students' ID numbers. 
-  - Format the list of ID numbers into one line, separated by commas. You can use Notepad++ to do this. The process is similar to that used to [[employee_hub:powerschool:student_selections|select many students at once in PowerSchool.]] 
-  - Login to the FinalForms staff area and manage students. 
-  - Paste your list of IDs into the //By Name or ID// search field and hit enter. 
-  - At the right side of the table go to **Export** > **E-Cards**. 
-  - Wait while the cards are generated. 
-  - In the top right, hit **Change Print Format** > **1x1**. 
-  - Click Print ECards (1x1) at the top. 
-  - Save the result to PDF and provide to the requestor. 
-{{ :employee_hub:export_e-cards_from_finalforms.webm?1280 |Video guide to exporting E-Cards from Finalforms.}}