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-====== Common Tasks ====== 
-Reference {{ :​employee_hub:​phones:​lshs_user_guide.pdf |this user guide}}. 
-===== Search Phone Directory by Name ===== 
-You can search the system'​s contacts by name using the letters on the phone'​s keypad. 
-  - Press the Contacts button. 
-  - Press the numbers on the keypad that correspond to letters of the contact'​s name. 
-    - Example: Heidorn can be found searching HEI, or 434. 
-  - If you get multiple results, use the directional buttons to select the contact you want to call. 
-  - Press the select button to place the call. 
-{{ :​employee_hub:​phones:​how_to_search_the_phone_directory.webm?​1280 | Video guide on how to search the phone directory.}} 
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