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 ====== Electronic Reservations in Google Calendar ====== ====== Electronic Reservations in Google Calendar ======
-We are working on migrating our Facilities Calendar and electronic reservations system out of the legacy eReservations system at the employee hub to Google Calendar. This new system has a number of advantages over the old system: +You can reserve rooms for your events directly in Google Calendar. In the creation dialog, simply add a room to the eventSee [[|Add a room to an event]] for how to add or remove rooms to events.
-  * Higher security thanks to retirement of insecure legacy software and hosting provided by Google. +
-  * The calendar provides an easy way for guests to indicate whether or not they can attend. +
-  * People scheduling events can use the Find time tool to easily see when a busy room is available. +
- +
-====== Tasks for Users ====== +
- +
-===== Schedule an Event ===== +
-To reserve a room in Google Calendar, you need to email [[|Diane Eichhold]]. +
- +
-===== View All Events ===== +
-You may [[|view all events on the Facilities calendar online]]. +
- +
-====== Tasks for Event Reviewers ====== +
- +
-===== Receive Event Notifications ===== +
-In order to efficiently manage the event calendars, it is advisable to configure your calendar settings so that you can receive email notifications whenever someone schedules an event. When you receive an email notification you can approve or decline the event without leaving your email.  +
- +
-  - Start at your calendar. +
-  - Under **My Calendars**, click the drop-down menu next to the calendar you'd like to receive notifications for. +
-  - Click **Calendar Settings**. +
-  - Near the top, click **Reminders and Notifications**. +
-  - Under **Choose how you would like to be notified**, check the **Email** box for the following: +
-    - New events +
-    - Changed events +
-    - Canceled events +
-  - Click **Save**. Any time an event is created utilizing one of the rooms, you will receive an email notification. +
- +
-===== Accept or Decline an Event ===== +
-  - When someone creates an event in location you have notifications for, you will receive a calendar invitation email. +
-  - To approve the event in the room, click the Yes button that appears in the email. To reject the event, click the No button. +
-    - If you wish to email the event owner, you can simply reply to the invitation email. +
-===== Review Changes to Events ===== +
-  - When someone changes an event, a notification email is sent. If an event has been accepted on behalf of the room, then the event time changes that event will still appear as accepted. +
-  - Review the notification email to see if there are any conflicts with existing events. Consult the Agenda panel on the right side for possibly conflicting events. +
-  - If the event conflicts, reject it by clicking the No button in the event invitation. Reply to the invitation email with a reason as to why the event was rejected. +
-===== Modify an Event ===== +
-  - Start viewing your calendars. +
-  - Find the event you wish to modify. +
-  - Click the event's name. +
-  - While viewing the event, make your changes (such as times, guest list, or room) and click **SAVE**.  +
-    - You can change the room your event is in by clicking **Rooms, etc.** on the right side. If you uncheck the **Show only available** option, you'll see an option to remove the room you've already booked. +
- +
-===== Email Event Guests ===== +
-If for some reason you need to email the guests of a location, you can do this by viewing that event in Google Calendar. +
-  - While viewing you calendars, find the event you wish to email the guests of. +
-  - Click the event's name. +
-  - On the right side of the page, you will see a guest list. Click the Email guests link at the top right of the list. +
-===== View All Events ===== +
-You may [[|view all events on the Facilities calendar online]].+
 +Only rooms that are available will show as reservable. If the room you want doesn't show up, try rescheduling. For conflict resolution, reach out to [[|Greg Lynch]].
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