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-====== Changing Old Course Names in Moodle ====== 
-You may wish to change the names of your old/archived Moodle courses so that you can tell what level or year an old course is when importing data into your current courses. You can change an old course's name by hitting "Settings" at the course overview page and then changing the course's "Full name". 
-  - Find your old course under "My Courses" on Moodle. Old and archived courses are grey. 
-  - Make sure this is the course you want to rename. 
-    * **Note**: Do not rename any current course!  
-    * **Tip**: You can view "Participants" on the left to see who was in that class. 
-  - On the left side of the course overview page, click "Settings". 
-  - Type in a new "Full name" for the old class. 
-  - Optionally, type in a new "Short name" for the old class. 
-  - Click "Save Changes". 
-====== Video Tutorial: Changing Old Course Names in Moodle ====== 
-<html><video controls style="max-width:100%"> 
- <source src="" type="video/webm"> 
- <source src="" type="video/mp4"> 
- Hmm, your browser doesn't seem to support embedded video. Try to <a href="">download this video instead</a> 
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